Cell Culture

FUJIFILM has extensive expertise and capabilities in the development and optimization of cell culture-based processes, as well as the ability to scale up for manufacturing. This experience includes:

  • Development and/or process transfer of CHO monoclonal and  and non-monoclonal antibody programs
  • Large scale insect cell / baculovirus expression of vaccine products including VLPs
  • Experience with adherent and suspension based cultures
  • cGMP production of clinical and commercial products

Leaders in Growth

Mammalian cell culture process developmentAt FUJIFILM we have recognized that cell culture is an area of exponential growth in the Biopharmaceutical industry. As a CDMO we make a commitment to all of our customers to continue to invest in innovation to provide modern approaches to process and analytical development. Some our our latest innovations in the cell culture area include:

  • Launch of our Apollo expression platform including optimized basal and feed media
  • Launch of our Media ToolBox Offering
  • Definition of a streamlined process development strategy, leveraging our cell culture experience to rapidly design robust processes that scale well to manufacturing
  • Continued development of platform and high throughput mAb and non-mAb analytics, glycoform characterization, rapid ‘in process’ testing and biophysical characterization
  • Integration of process and analytical development as a key strength of FUJIFILM allowing informed and directed development and manufacturing support

Monoclonal antibody

Please find out more about our Gene to Antibody Drug Conjugate offering

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GMP manufacturing facilities

Global Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Stainless Steel: 650L and 2,000L bioreactors
  • Single Use: 200L, 500L, multiple 1,000L and multiple 2,000L bioreactors
  • Hollow Fiber and Stack Cell Culture Systems