Cell Bank Production

Cell BankingWe operate a self-contained gmp cell bank manufacturing units with specialized teams who are responsible for the manufacture of mammalian and microbial master and working cell banks.

Our gmp cell banking operations are:

  • FDA and MHRA inspected
  • Environmentally monitored throughout production
  • In-house stability testing of cell banks
  • Short and long term storage in liquid nitrogen under continuous temperature monitoring
  • We utilize automated vial filling of the cell banks produced in our facilities which provides uniform distribution of cell suspension.

Virus Bank Production

Our virus banks are produced facilities that are in compliance with FDA guidelines.

  • cGMP production of Master Virus Banks  and Working Seed Stock (derived from mammalian cell lines or insect cells infected by baculovirus)
  • In-house testing for infectious titer, total virus particles, identity  and purity
  • Environmentally  monitored storage