pre-clinical developmentIdentifying a molecule that can potentially become a therapeutic is a major achievement and it is also the first step in the long road to making it to the patient, first during clinical trials and if successful as a commercially available product or vaccine.

There is lot of work that must be done during Preclinical Development. Having a solid plan and the right partners can help make that journey more efficient and with higher probability of success. CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls) activities are a very big part of submitting a successful IND. As a CDMO we offer our partners our long term experience working over 280 molecules.

Our goal is to enable you to move quickly and efficiently, with good science, towards an IND approval.

Preclinical Studies and the production of Early material can take several years and become quite costly. Selecting the right partners at this stage is critical.

We support our customers  at this Stage of Development with a wide range of services including: