Sharing Knowledge: Expressing with CHO

CHOAs compared to microbial expression systems, which usually do not have proper post-translational modifications (e.g. glycosylation) on recombinant proteins, CHO is able to produce humanized recombinant proteins with similar post-translational modifications. The production of these proteins is one of the main reasons that CHO has been popular in biotherapeutics manufacturing.

Other reasons include good and robust cell growth, high protein productivity, and relatively easy process operation make CHO more desirable as compared to other mammalian expression systems.

As long as recombinant protein needs proper post-translational modifications that cannot be achieved in microbial, it’s desired to express proteins in CHO including mAb, and non-mAb.

What are particular challenges of working with CHO?

High yield is no longer the big challenge with CHO  as it used to be. Particular challenges include desired product quality attributes, reliable process scaling (up/down), robust upstream process (which is the purpose for QbD). Others related, including harvest challenges with high density process, high yield challenges to downstream, etc.

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What do we bring to your program?

Through many CHO programs, we have achieved significant experience/knowledge on diverse CHO cells/processes (e.g. media toolbox) which helps us to stand out. We bring our customer programs  years of single-use experience which is becoming a significant manufacturing platform in the cell culture space.

How do we help?

With extensive CHO culture development and manufacturing experience and a team of expert scientists, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies offers a full range of process and analytical development services, combined with flexible cGMP contract manufacturing assets, to support you through the full life cycle of your product, from cell line development to clinical and commercial manufacture.