Cell Line Development

A mammalian cell line for life

Apollo Mammalian Expression Platform

Apollo is our Mammalian Expression Platform (CHO, DG44-based), which was developed for robust, high levels of recombinant protein expression with manufacturability for the entire life of your product as the end goal. With Apollo you get more that just a cell line, you will get a cell line for life that will meet your expression needs and meet your regulatory requirements. We have a fully characterized cGMP cell bank of host cell line with maximum traceability.

What are the main components of Apollo?


  • Apollo is a DHFR based selection system.
  • Proprietary leader sequence developed for efficient secretion.
  • High productivities achieved without the need for amplification.

Host Cell Line

  • It is a DG44 derived host cell line which was adapted to chemically-defined medium and suspension culture.
  • It was selected for superior growth characteristics and expression capability.

Cell Line Development Process

  • It is Animal component free media and reagents used for the entire cell line development process.
  • Product concentrations up to 3 g/L typically seen using platform bioreactor conditions.

Media & Feed Optimization

  • Chemically-defined
  • Selected for superior characteristics including growth, titre, and product quality
  • Concept of continuous improvement with formulation knowledge

When can material be made available to feed other development stages?

We understand that material availability very early in the development process can be extremely beneficial to our customers. During our Apollo Cell line Development work we want to make sure that we are able to support you with your material needs. Once Cell Line Development work has started, material can be made available at different stages:

  • Representative materials made from transfectant Pools: ~ 6-7 weeks
  • Material for Pre-clonal cell line for purification process development & early supply: ~13-14 weeks
  • Material from RCB of clonal cell line: ~25 weeks

Why Choose CHO as an Expression System?

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