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cGMP Manufacturing at 1000L scale

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13th-15th May
BioTech Japan, Tokyo
We will be exhibiting (with our partners Mitsubishi Corporation) at BioTech Japan. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

13th-15th May

BioTech Japan, Tokyo

We will be exhibiting (with our partners Mitsubishi Corporation) at BioTech Japan. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.


Webinar : Using ambr 250 for rapid process improvement and effective scale-up to cGMP manufacture of biotherapeutics

In this joint webinar with Mwai Ngibuini of Sartorius Stedim Biotech, Dr Fern Slingsby, Principal Scientist at FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies, UK, presents the use of ambr 250 for rapid process improvement and effective scale-up to cGMP manufacture of biotherapeutics. Using a DoE approach and QbD principles, she discusses the resulting high soluble product titres in Escherichia coli, and the optimized fermentation process suitable for larger scale production in only 4 weeks. Original broadcast 13th May 2015.


18-20, May 2015

IBC Cell Line Development & Engineering, San Francisco, CA

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 3:45pm, please be sure to hear Alison Porter, Head of Mammalian Cell Culture R&D presents "Three Steps to Start You on the Path to Obtaining the "Best' Recombinant CHO Cell Line: Host Cell Line, Vector and Cell Line Development Process"

Demonstrating clonality is a prerequisite for all commercial production cell lines. We have evaluated the use of the Cell Metric as a tool that provides single cell images to prove clonality instead of the traditional mathematical calculations. Data from our characterization experiments and potential implementation into Takeda's cell line development platform will be discussed.


20-21 May 2016

Vax 1-2-1, Amsterdam

We will be exhibiting at Vax 1-2-1 to showcase our new Vaccines CDMO offering. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.


31st May - 2nd June 2015

ESACT 2015, Barcelona

We will be presenting two posters at ESACT 2015: Dr Min Zhang : "Development of a novel, high-yielding CHO expression platform (ApolloTM) through a systematic approach with accelerated cell line development and high-throughput media and feed development" Dr Leon Pybus : "Identification of CHO host cell lines with desirable characteristics via directed evolution"


10th-11th June

Biotech Outsourcing Strategies, Munich

Andrew Carver will be attending BOS cmc 2015 in Munich. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.


16-19 June, 2015

BIO Annual International Convention, Philadelphia

Webinar : From Gene to Manufacturing

The keys to developing biomanufacturing processes - which are efficient, robust and of high quality - start during cell line and process development and initial process design. Join us for this complimentary webinar, hosted by Dr Alison Porter, Head of Mammalian Cell Culture R&D, and Dr Stewart McNaull, Director, Development & Technical Services, discuss how FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies' cell line development and upstream process development platforms have been modified and optimized to develop customized, reliable manufacturing processes. This includes the introduction of our new mammalian expression platform, called Apollo(TM).


Webinar : The Single-use Technology Paradigm

Dr Stewart McNaull presents a webinar entitled 'The Single-use Technology Paradigm' as part of Business Review Webinars' Knowledge Sharing series.


Webinar : Automating final filtration & dispensing of biologics in a closed single-use system

Dr Paul Bird, Head of Manufacturing Engineering, co-presented a case study in this webinar with Parker Domnick Hunter on 25th June 2014.


Webinar : Process Development studies for Product Commercialisation

Webinar led by Dr Graham McCreath (Head of Process Design); Dr Mahesh Shivhare (Senior Process Statistician) and Dr. Simon Hanslip (Senior Technical Project Leader). The webinar discusses activities for successful Process Characterisation and Process Validation.


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